Saturday, September 6, 2008

walking around campus sober

its friday night and everyone partied except me. dont ask me why, it just didn't work out. so i walked around campus and took vodovvz. fun.

i went into the sublevel. it was creepy down there alone. but also col. coll. collington.

rosa parks never called shotgun

i accidently cut out the penis thats attached to the demon

the first time i visited calarts around late may the us and iraqi death toll was all clean and nonfucked with. now look.

a lot of people shit with pens

pikachu with an ivan bonner
oh, i want to kiss those boring girls...
never take life seriously, no one gets out alive anyways.

old man chry

social security
sam loves cindy. but cindy doesn't! who gives a shit

right above the eye it said spiderman, with an anarchy A. but you cant see it. 
do you like me?
i'm gonna go back there and write "sometimes" under it.
ill put it in a later post.

you a dirty girl

wall (detail)

found art "bottle in hallway"

  i wanna get j ronald roglowski.

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